About Doug Ogden Photography

Doug has always had a love of photography and thought that someday he would take the leap toward photography being his full time work.  In 1988 Doug got his first business license for Doug Ogden Photography and worked it part time shooting and selling stock photography of scenic Alaska.  Being a motorhead and always appreciating beautiful classic cars he took every opportunity to photograph the occasional car show and classic car portrait.  In 1999 Doug became the "track shooter" at North Star Speedway and Alaska Raceway Park as well as Moto-X, Snowmobile racing and motorcycle ice racing venues all over the state of Alaska.  

In the spring of 2000 AutoGraphs Photography was created. AutoGraphs, from Auto (Photo) Graphs.  Doug moved to digital, state-of-the-art equipment including a custom Event Photography System.  Since that time, new equipment was purchased as the technology leaped forward.  Constantly upgrading using the most advanced digital equipment available.

In 2000 he quit his full time job as a construction project manger and committed full time to his new passion, motor sports action photography. 

 Talent, opportunity and equipment is not all that makes Doug Ogden Photography what it is today.  It is by no small fact that Doug's wife, Nancy, is an integral part of the business.  For the then on-site print sales side of the business, Nancy edited the images, created and displayed the proofs for customers and handled the print sales and filled orders.  But, her work at the sales station is only part of it.  Without Nancy's enduring support and love, Doug Ogden Photography would not have been able to survive. 

In 7 seasons of photographing racing action in Alaska, AutoGraphs/Doug Ogden Photography earned the status of the Number 1 motor sports photography company in the state of Alaska. AutoGraphs became the official photographer at every major motor sports event across the state.  To name a few:

  • IHRA Drag Racing at Alaska Raceway Park,
  • North Star Speedway,
  • Moto-X and Sno-X at all major tracks in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Valdez and Soldotna, 
  • The Worlds longest and most difficult snowmobile race, The Iron Dog,
  • The uniquely Alaskan, Arctic Man Ski and Sno-Go Classic,
  • Motorcycle and automobile Ice Racing,
  • The Valdez Mayors Cup 200 mile endurance snowmobile race,
  • The Valdez Mountain Man Hill Climb and Hill-X,
  • The Alyeska Hill Climb, Hill-X and Sno-X and
  • The oldest urban automobile race, the Fur Rondy Grand Prix. 
  • And many more!

In December of 2005, Doug and Nancy moved back to Washington State to be closer to family.  Until getting re-established in the new market, Doug used his history in construction and took a job with the State of Washington.  The change in location has offered a new direction to the business.  Rather than shooting primarily for print sales, Doug has expanded the stock sales and is working on commercial assignment opportunities.  

Doug Ogden Photography has built an extensive stock photo collection exceeding 500,000 images.  Mostl;y motorsports action images but a large collection of travel, scenic, textures, and nature macro images as well.  Use Rights are avaiable to private art print, media, and advertising markets.

In addition to selling prints and photo products, Doug Ogden Photography has had images published locally, nationally and internationally in magazines, advertising, cellular wallpapers, and used on many websites. 

  • Coast Magazine (Alaska)
  • Alaska Contractor (Alaska)
  • Ride Magazine (Alaska)
  • Alaska This Month (Alaska)
  • Alaska Magazine (US)
  • Super Chevy (US)
  • Drag Review (US)
  • City Sledder (US)
  • Snow Week (US)
  • International Photographer (US)
  • Professional Photographer (US)
  • USA Equestrian (US)
  • Winning Edge Magazine (US)
  • Abenteuer und Reisen (Germany)
  • Moto Magazine (Russia)
  • And many more!
Drawing from the motorsports experience and exposure, Doug Ogden Photography has also photographed Equestrian Events, College Basketball, and local musical groups.

But, Doug Ogden Photography has not limited itself to shooting action photography either.  Doug has used the digital technology to move into other areas of commercial photography including, commercial assignment, food and product photography.


Thank you for your interest in Doug Ogden Photography.

Assignments willingly discussed.

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  • PO Box 2765
  • Olympia, WA 98507